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Now it Begins......  
09:22pm 04/05/2005
Ok, now the lovely Phillip1978 has educated me on the ways of Live Journal my adventures here can trully begin!! I don't know how often I'll update this, or what direction it will take, but hopefully it will be fun to find out!!
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music: Jeff Buckley- Lover You Shoulda' Come Over
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08:58pm 04/05/2005 (UTC)
Good to see it works! So, pray tell us more about yourself. How's it being a nurse?
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Re: Heya!
10:30pm 04/05/2005 (UTC)
HAHA! I'd love to be your friend! Wish I was drunk......
I shall (try to)be brief tonight, and I may be a little dull, hopefully get a chance to elaborate more/ be more witty in the not too distant future!!

OK- went to a Grammar school here in sunny Manchester, left with A Levels in English Lit, Biology, Home Ec and General Studies (achieved 96%- I'm very good at Trivial Persuits...). By this stage I'd somehow managed to get myself engaged to a decent chap called Michael.

Spent 4 unusual years at Liverpool Uni training to be a nurse, and by 21 decided Michael was still a decent chap and that I actually might marry him after all.

Finished uni in 2000 (2.1, just like Mr. Fry...) Decided I'd rather enjoyed working in haematology & leukaemia so came back home and started work on an adult leukaemia ward specialising in bone marrow transplantation. I still do this, on the same ward and I love it (mostly...). It's hard work but it's incredibly interesting and dynamic. Our patients stay on the unit for between 3 and 8 weeks- you build up amazingly close relationships, which makes it hard if things don't go well...

Somewhere along the line I married that Michael chap (c.2001) and he's still rather decent. Produced a suprisingly beautiful daughter about 16 months ago....

I now inhabit a strange twilight world- I work evenings and weekends so my babe is almost always in the care of one of her makers. I don't sleep much.....except for this week when I'm having some deserved time off!!

Sorry. Wasn't very brief.
I'm very much looking forward to learning about you lovely people too!!!
If you can bear it I may tell you about some of my passions, but for now nighty night

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